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All in one facial recognition and people counting camera

VT-C102-PFR, an all in one facial recognition and people counting camera exclusively developed by VION TECHNOLOGY, integrates people counting, facial capture and recognition, attribute identification, people de-duplication and other functions in one device. Using as an efficient tool to analyze offline population and gain insights, which can be widely applied to make operational optimization analysis on shopping mall and physical stores.

Using AI visual technology, VT-C102-PFR embeds AI intelligent chip and deep learning algorithm, as well as the modules of video capture, analysis, compression and transmission, which enables the device to store and query data with high accuracy. On top of that, it also enjoys a delicate appearance and can be installed easily.

Powerful functions  

Integrates people counting, facial capture, gender/age/emotion recognition, staff exclusion and people de-duplication in one device.

High accuracy and dependability  

Both front-side human faces and back-side ones can be counted, with the accuracy rate & de-duplication rate reach 99%+

High adaptability 

Exclusive video capture technology can deal with complicated light changes easily.

Pocket-size, delicate appearance

Patented appearance design, can be held with one single hand, integrates perfectly with surroundings.