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Smart Pavilion Passenger Flow Solution

Project introduction

The pavilion provides a good place for people to learn about science and culture and to visit. However, the security of the pavilion has also attracted high attention from the management of the pavilion. Especially during holidays, the visitor flow is large, and the security management work is completed by the hall management personnel. If there is any problem, the staffing and workload cannot be solved in a short time. Scientific and effective analysis of traffic time, space, and quickly to make business decisions in a timely manner, provide high quality services to tourists, creating good environment safe for the operation of the pavilion.

System architecture I

The passenger flow statistics system is applicable to the centralized monitoring and management structure of multi-level networking, and can also be used to simulate video or digital video input. In a pavilion, for example, passenger traffic statistical system front-end using special passenger flow analysis equipment, based on the model of the machine vision technology, people inside the scene detection, tracking, to get accurate passenger flow data.


System architecture ii

The intelligent integrated passenger flow statistics machine is adopted to cooperate with the analysis terminal and other product structures, and the data is transmitted to the back-end platform through video collection, data analysis and processing

The main function