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Subway crowd safety management solutions

Project introduction

Urban subway transportation, with its rapid and convenient advantages, has become one of the main directions of China's future urban transportation development and the main body of China's future three-dimensional urban public transportation network. The formation of modern urban subway transportation network has put forward higher requirements for the safety management of subway population and the ability of rapid emergency response. However, compared with the rapid development of urban rail transit construction, the development of safety management of urban subway population is relatively backward, and many of them are still blank. Therefore, the application of increasingly mature intelligent video analysis technology to achieve the safety management of subway population will become a new trend in the development of urban rail transit.

Existing general monitoring system from the aspects of monitoring capacity and monitoring effectiveness and basic function in the traditional video monitoring stage, most of the time can only be used after the forensics, cannot have the effect of prevention, early warning. And there must be a specialist in the observation, control and analysis the camera image, security personnel need to surveillance video images so much, far beyond people's ability to accept, leads to low actual monitoring results. Therefore, we need intelligent video monitoring to improve the monitoring effect and reduce the burden of security personnel.

The application of Beijing wenan intelligent subway crowd safety management system in the field of urban subway, on the one hand, provides the management with the actual personnel flow data, shows the current population status and change trend, strictly controls the number of customers in the area and provides effective reference for the relevant management. On the other hand, it is also convenient to strengthen the safety management when there are too many people in the daily operation, so as to avoid causing congestion and stampede. It provides a rapid and accurate modern management method to eliminate the hidden danger of urban subway safety.

The system structure

The system mainly consists of passenger flow statistics camera, passenger flow intelligent analysis terminal, intelligent behavior analysis camera, security intelligent analysis terminal, alarm lamp, loudspeaker and central server