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"StarNet" High density GPU video analysis server

Product introduction


VT-ST40-2U is the industry's first video server based on GPU parallel structured accelerated computing, it have 40 high performance processors, and each processor board connected with high speed connector , each GPU module can be swapping, it computational capacity up to 12 TFLOPS. per processor using 28nm process design, frequency up to 2.3GHz, with 196 high-speed computing core in single processor computing capacity of up to 300 GFLOPS, while 16G EMMC has independent storage space, support multi intelligent analysis system through the formation of clusters cascade. Product support 80 1080P real-time video intelligent analysis, support vehicle behavior detection, vehicle attributes of structured information, intelligent analysis of pedestrian attribute information content; support algorithm to create module, process customization algorithm, algorithm with automatic test results and attribute module alignment.