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Project introduction

Parks and scenic spots are good places for people to relax and play a great role in building a harmonious society. With the rapid development of our social economy, people's living standards improve, tourism demand is growing, product category by with scenic spots and historical sites, natural sightseeing is given priority to, in the early development of leisure vacation now, industrial science and technology, culture, commerce, sports fitness, agricultural ecology, and other common prosperity tourism demand, promote the strong growth of domestic tourism, has obtained the remarkable economic and social benefits. However, with the increasing demand of people for tourism, the safety of these public areas has become the primary problem that management departments need to face.

Through the passenger flow statistics and early warning system, it can solve the unpredictable problems of large human flow and intensive time from the source, and the manager can provide accurate passenger flow information. Compared with the previous security products, traffic statistics and the advantage of the early warning system but also in its foresight for emergencies, the largest passenger flow forecast ahead of the public to bear ability, major traffic safety hidden danger in time, help judge for managers in the first place, and take appropriate action in the peak passenger flow period, correct guidance, to avoid accidents.

Beijing VION technology co., LTD. Adopts video passenger flow statistics system and intelligent analysis terminal to conduct statistics, analysis and mining of passenger flow data. Has a professional intelligent detection and abundant peripheral extended interface, the unique hardware structure, accurate statistics and analysis of gangway access number, the crowd flow direction, such as information, and has high precision, strong adaptability, low operation cost, etc. Strong passenger flow analysis and management function, can provide up to dozens of reports for users to choose, and can integrate with third-party software system, providing data support for scientific decision-making.

The system structure

The main function

The park mainly adopts terminal mode, i.e., front-end camera + intelligent management terminal, in which the hidden camera is mainly used indoors

The main function

Support two-way passenger flow statistics;

Support video compression output;

Have breakpoint continuation function;

View real-time video stream, face detection circle, pedestrian tracking track and real-time statistics;

A short video recording with a pedestrian track can be recorded to verify the detection accuracy.

Rich and diverse data presentation methods, intuitive reports, diverse types;

Report printing function is supported, which can be exported or printed in PDF, XLS, RTF, text, CSV, image, etc.

Passenger flow can be calculated on the basis of weather, activities and other factors.

Data repair methods, such as year-on-year and month-on-month data comparison, are supported;

Can be customized and ticketing system docking;

The system characteristics

High precision

High precision is the basis of passenger flow system. The system precision can reach 97.5%

High intelligence

Highly intelligent, able to distinguish wandering, crossing, oblique penetration and other interference situations

High stability

Embedded kernel, embedded operating system without virus interference, watchdog function

Large memory

The front end can store more than 2 years of data to support breakpoint continuation

Low power consumption

Low power consumption, averaging only 2W per circuit

Embedded camera

Embedded camera, micro-hole installation, patented products

Network transmission

Network transmission data, real-time video, embedded Web