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Retail chain integrated passenger flow solutions

Project introduction

Solutions to the retail chain industry customers "to" and "left" problem, namely how to traffic into cash flow effectively, is an intelligent use of image recognition and big data technology to solve an important aspect.

How effective on each retail chain sales, traffic, into the shop, rate, conversion rate, rate of bags, such as ping effect data in real-time control of management, to product awareness, customer visit heat, into the shop, overall understanding customer statistical information on age, gender, and how to implement accurately KPI evaluation for each retail chain, how to obtain a large number of basic data, and then realize the big data analysis, are the major retail chains have to solve the main problems.

On this basis, Beijing VION technology co., LTD. Provides a precise intelligent integrated customer flow solution for intelligent chain, which is used to help the offline retail industry to develop again.

According to the specific reasons of the change in sales caused by the customer flow data, the effective measures should be taken to continuously improve the store's sales potential and realize the long-term profits of chain stores.

The system structure

It adopts multiple product structures such as smart people counting camera or front-end camera to cooperate with smart video analysis box, etc., and transmits data to back-end platform through video collection, data analysis and processing. 

The main function