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Face recognition

People counting & monitoring

The machine vision technology based on the model is used to achieve high precision passenger flow statistics, and it is relatively less affected by environmental factors such as light and height. It can also be combined with position feature tracking technology and face recognition technology to conduct mobile trajectory tracking for specific individuals, or CRM management for new retail areas. The technology can be used for passenger flow detection of various types of announcement places including shopping centers, retail stores, transportation, scenic spots, museums, etc., to help users make business management decisions and public safety decisions. 

Face and Behavior Recognition

By using an algorithm with completely independent intellectual property rights and training of thousands of large data samples, feature extraction is more abundant and the accuracy of identification is greatly improved. Real-time face capture, real-time blacklist face feature comparison, face image retrieval, face clustering, age/gender analysis, emotional analysis, and personnel trajectory analysis; As well as performance recognition functions such as running, chasing, fighting, wandering, and facial occlusion, it can serve applications such as security, retail, and smart buildings.