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Zhongta shoes

Zhongta Group has a long history of shoe retailing, with tens of chain stores all around China. As a flagship shoe retailer in China, the Group has established an excellent brand image by repairing hundreds of thousands of shoes in ten years free of charge. The Market Development Center of Zhongta Group controls the market development department, the brand marketing department, the advertising department and the decoration company. The Center is a sector of the Group with the strongest core competitiveness and is supported by a professional marketing team with 10 years of marketing practice. It has a successful experience of planning the inauguration and operation of tens of large stores and shopping malls, all of which have had sound market effect and formed a powerful capability of market clustering and brand promotion. The core purpose of the Center is to make Zhongta stores super terminals most featured in the business type and extend the market share and profiting potential of each stores by constantly innovating the CI building, advertising release, store decoration design, voice recording and broadcasting. By setting up super shoe retail terminals that is present all around China, Zhongta will become the top brand of shoe retailing and a dominator of Chinese shoe market.