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Vionvision was established in 2005 and is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. It specializes in the development and development of artificial intelligence core algorithms and products. Based on the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision, the company integrates in-depth learning algorithms, big data technology, and smart sensing technology to provide "artificial intelligence +" intelligent solutions for smart transportation, commercial retail, government, and transportation hubs.

Founder Dr. Taohai is a tenured professor at the University of California, a member of the Tsinghua Entrepreneurs Association, an international standardization expert of the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Security and Alarm Systems(SAC/TC100), an "overseas high-level talent" in Beijing, and a special expert in Beijing., 2017 Beijing leaders. Led by Dr. Taohai, the company brings together industry experts, algorithm geeks, and hobbies from Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Microsoft Research, IBM Research, and other related fields。

Over the past ten years, Vionvision has evolved from core algorithms, to soft and hard integration, and to overall solutions. Vionvision has independently developed a series of world-leading image recognition core algorithms, high-performance artificial intelligence hardware platforms, and industry-customized smart solutions. All products have started with the development of underlying algorithms and currently have nearly 100 intellectual property rights. At present, the products have been widely used in large and medium-sized cities in China, and have been trusted and recognized by the government and the industry.


Corporate culture

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Innovation achievement

  • 2016


    在美国拉斯维加斯参展ISC WEST美国西部安防展,重磅发布"繁星” StarNet高密度GPU视频分析服务器;





    获得安防奥斯卡“ 最具发展潜力企业”奖

  • 2015


    2015GTC NVIDIA新兴企业峰会(ECS)大奖


  • 2014

    In 2014, we developed China’s first face recognition system based on age, gender and other face attributes.

  • 2013

    In 2013, we successfully developed the world’s smallest people counting camera which integrates image recognition and people counting, supports WiFi and POE and has been popularized in Beijing;

  • 2012

    In 2012, we started the large-scale application of on-board bus lane enforcement system;

  • 2010

    In 2010, we successfully developed the 5 megapixel e-police system, first-of-its-kind in China, which captures a wide range of wrong lane violations and has been extensively deployed in Beijing;

    In 2010, we successfully developed the 2 megapixel mobile intelligent bus capture system which is the first of its kind in China and has been extensively used in Beijing;

    In 2010, we successfully developed China’s first solar powered, 3G wireless transmission, fixed 2 megapixel capture system which captures behaviors in violation of traffic rules, including emergency lane violation, bus lane violation, queue-jumping at expressway access, and wrong direction violation;

  • 2008

    In 2008, we launched China’s first human modeling based video people counting system to count people with laterally installed camera, which has been widely used today;

    In 2008, we successfully developed China’s first intelligent video surveillance system that detects violdence, chasing, night haunting and other abnormal behaviors;

    In 2008, we worked out the concept and product of auxiliary check point and promoted them in Shenzhen and other places;

  • 2006

    In 2006, we launched the video quality diagnostic system at China Public Security Exhibition that filled gap in Chinese market;

    In 2006, we were the first to launch the SD red-light running e-police system triggered by pure video which won a contract of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau and has been extensively used throughout the city;

  • 2005

    In 2005, we independently developed the leading license plate recognition system which has been improved and maintaining a leading position;